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These are just a few of the many projects that have been completed over the past years. They represent a range of different styles not only in the planting but in the use of materials, the atmosphere the client wanted to create within the garden and the constraints and potentials of each garden. The majority of our work is in Kent, East Sussex and South East London although we welcome enquiries further afield.

Our highly personal service ensures every one is unique. Every garden has different requirements and each client is an individual. That's the beauty of our garden design philosophy - the potential to create a living, growing space which is a reflection of the people who use it.

That's the essence of Adam S Bailey Garden Design...

How much does a garden cost?

Complete new garden: We are always happy to offer guidance on a wide range of budgets although the majority of our gardens including paving, fencing and planting start in the region of £25,000 upwards depending on the size of garden. Lighting, irrigation, furniture and specimen plants can add to this cost depending on what's required. The largest part of any budget is usually the hard landscaping (paving, walls etc) so the more this is required, the higher the budget required as a general guide.

Planting Scheme only: Anything from £500 upwards, we'll provide a quote according to your requirements.