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Garden Lighting

Garden lighting has come on a long way over the years. Long gone are the high wattage, power hungry units with unreliable, short-lived lamps in them. Modern, low wattage units are very safe and can often fit in the palm of your hand. When placed discretely they can be used to extend the use of the garden long after dusk and provide warm, welcoming areas for alfresco dining and entertaining.

An intelligent lighting scheme creates drama, enhances home security and really extends the living space outdoors for the whole family. There are some key points to remember however as it’s easy to get it wrong and waste money if you don’t plan ahead.

Top 10 tips for lighting design

1. Plan the lighting layout in the early stages along with the main design so conduits and cables  can be laid as part of the main construction works. That saves money and reduces the risk of  damage to new hard landscaping features like paving later on. 

2. Avoid coloured lights (greens and blues etc.) as these can destroy the true look of plants and  built structures. Go for a warm white rated at 3000K as this gives a welcoming, soft light which  brings out the natural colours of the object you’re lighting. 

3. Be selective – you don’t have to highlight everything. Pick out key features and accentuate  these. It’s good to have darker areas as well which will act as a contrast. 

4. Remember it’s better to see the effect of the light rather than the light source itself. Use  hooded units to shield glare from the eyes and use moonlighting effects for a natural effect.

5. Lighting can go up, sideways and down depending on what you want to light. There are  numerous different units, each with its own special ability so have fun and be creative. 

6. Low wattage drive lights can be used to create a welcoming aspect to the house when arriving  home late at night and also to deter unwanted visitors. Link to a motion sensor or  programmable app and enhance the security of your home. 

7. Light key areas such as steps, paths and entrances to ensure safe routes through the garden. Different units can have different beam angles, allowing for spotlighting and wash effects.

8. Highlight features away from the house, typically along the boundary to be able to see  intruders before they get close to the house. 

9. The latest in LED technology allows for an impressive lighting system that won’t drain the  electricity grid. Low wattage and low voltage means safety has priority, making it the perfect  complement for outdoor living. 

10. Use IP68 rated units for completely waterproof lighting effects in pools and water features.

Many of our projects have used the excellent Nitelux units which are beautifully designed, low wattage and high quality making them a reliable, durable solution for a wide variety of garden lighting applications.

Contact us today to see how we can help you get the most from your outdoor living spaces after dark.

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