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Serpentine Garden - Chislehurst

Design Brief

Gradients are a challenge for any designer, requiring careful thought. If resolved intelligently, the changes in level in a garden can offer a succession of different views according to each level and also provide the opportunity of a progressive planting strategy. Making the best use of space is crucial as sloping gardens can be more costly to construct due to their need for retaining walls or terracing.


This Serpentine Garden in Chislehurst, Kent is a garden full of curvaceous lines in motion with hardly a straight line in sight which was part of the client's brief. The upper part of the garden is predominantly in shade, with woodland planting to provide form and contrast. The lower part of the garden, nearer the house, is bathed in warm afternoon sunlight, allowing the bright colours of perennials to show off their architectural splendour.

Curvaceous paths and bold brickwork

Natural stone seating area

Soft, evocative planting

Tackling gradients with curved lines

A space in motion

Cool elegance of Rose 'Iceberg'

Contrasting flower forms

Bright stunner - Echinacea 'Art's Pride'

    Sample Plants

    Echinacea 'Art's Pride', Phormium 'Baby Bronze', Lavandula 'Hidcote', Nandina domestica, Stipa arundinacea, Kniphofia 'Brimstone', Phygelius 'Cream Funfare', Liriope muscari 'Variegata'


    Natural sandstone paving, Marshalls brick walling, custom built timber pergola, 20mm limestone aggregate, oak timber retaining walls.