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New Trees

Trees for a greener future

Local councils have an obligation to control this growth of development and it’s very likely that if you live or work in Kent there are new homes either planned or being built not too many miles from you.

The team at Adam S Bailey Garden Design work closely with major house builders like Rydon Homes to ensure that whilst bricks and mortar keep up with the demand for new homes, the landscapes around these new developments also receive the closest attention.

One key aspect of a landscape throughout a new development is the careful selection and introduction of trees. A primary consideration for those involved in the planning process is how to blend in the new development with the landscape beyond it and planting native trees, those which can be found in the wild throughout our county, is an important way of providing a sense of local character to a built environment. Local councils are strict about the need for native trees as part of the planning requirements for new houses.

Many of our native trees will be familiar by name, if not immediately by sight, like Birch, Oak, Hawthorne and Beech. Others may be less familiar like the Service-tree and Gean. Some native trees make very striking statements as they get older like the Scots Pine and the Copper Beech. These trees not only soften the impact of a new housing development but also help to encourage wildlife back into the area after the diggers and machinery have all left.

As we head out of the fiery colours of autumn and into winter, now is the perfect time to plant a tree because the branches will be bare and the tree will be almost asleep, meaning it can be planted without stress to the tree’s system. That also means less watering and more chance for the tree to get a head start come next spring.

We all have an obligation to look after the environment around us and whilst the team at Landart Design are working to keep Kent a green and pleasant land, you can also play a part by planting your own tree.