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Low maintenance gardening

Learning the secrets of low maintenance.

 There’s a definite feeling of anticipation in the air as the days gradually get longer and the thermometer begins its climb back up to more civilised figures.

This is also the right time for some creative planning in the garden. Putting pen to paper now will avoid costly mistakes later on and one of the often asked requirements of a garden designer is for a ‘low maintenance’ garden.

Low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance, however. Even the most intelligently designed outdoor spaces need a little TLC from time to time, but if you remember a few tricks of the trade, it’s surprising how much time can be saved.

If cutting lawns isn’t your thing, then introducing hard landscaping elements like paving, decking and pathways can reduce the lawn area to a manageable level. For most of us, weeding is a necessary evil, but weeds only thrive on soil that gives them no competition. Planting shrubs and perennials closer together blocks out light and cuts down on the unwanted invaders.

A little plant knowledge can go a long way. Although it’s tempting to buy fast growing plants for that instant effect, remember what goes up has to come down and you’ll be out there hacking away more often than if you choose slower growing plants.

When you’ve got the garden looking good, you might not have the time for watering through the hot summer months, so think ahead and mulch well around the base of plants to reduce moisture evaporation. Throwing in handfuls of rich compost before you put plants in will help them develop strong root systems deeper down into the soil, helping them to survive dry spells. A cleverly hidden irrigation system can also keep roots moist when you’re not there, either with a drip system or porous hose.

Getting it right takes practice, but there’s one easy way of making sure you don’t waste precious leisure time this year – call in the professionals. They know the secrets to easier gardening.