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Front gardens

Up front and personal

These home improvements are not only pleasing to live in but also increase the value of the property if carried out properly by skilled craftsmen who use the best materials and plan the use of the space carefully.

This is fine except that many high quality improvements can’t be seen from the outside. Of course, this isn’t true of the front garden which can say a great deal about the owners to everyone walking past. If not properly thought about, a front garden will not only let down the look of a property but can also affect the potential sales value.

Front gardens are usually spaces which have a varied number of demands on them, including security, providing parking and obviously offering a welcoming aspect to visitors. The choice of materials has to take into consideration the architectural character and style of the property. With these key issues in mind, Adam has been designing front gardens for many years for clients like Rydon Homes who require high quality landscapes to compliment their prestigious properties.

The first rule of front garden design is ‘keep it simple’. Don’t try to cram too much into the space, keep planting within well defined areas and provide easy access between parking areas and the front door. The layout of the design will depend on the period of the property, although it’s still possible to introduce a few contemporary features with an older house.

Paving is usually the biggest expenditure for a front garden and choosing the right durable surface to withstand the weight of vehicles is something worth spending time and a few extra pounds on. Getting it right at the start can save having to make expensive repairs later on. Discreet lighting (as opposed to harsh flood lighting) can also provide security and a warm welcome for visitors arriving after dark.

The front garden should make a statement about who you are and the beauty of a carefully planned space will benefit not only your lifestyle but the value of your property and how others view it.