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Essential Garden Design

Essential improvements for quality of life

With the festivities behind us and the promise of spring not too away, this is a good time to think about your most valuable asset, your home. Enhancing the living space around you is all about increasing your quality of life.

A beautifully designed garden is rapidly becoming as essential as a custom made kitchen and when designed professionally will provide a relaxing, sensuous space to entertain friends, spend time with the children and can even make the home feel bigger as the garden essentially becomes another living space.

By extending your living area to outdoors, you begin to discover a whole new way of life. It's an all in one sensation that reaches all five senses. We all need food for the soul and your own garden, designed to be individual to you, is just the thing to take away the stress and strains of everyday life.

You can increase security around your property by introducing the right plants and use of sensitive lighting. Practical design makes security a priority, with sensitive use of tough plants to help guard the boundary of your property. Block off views you don't want whilst increasing your own privacy. Increase the sales potential of your home to new buyers by showing that you care about your property, something sure to impress a would-be purchaser.

Make a short list of the main requirements you want from a garden and put them in order of priority. Think about how the outdoor space will be used to best effect, just like you would a living room or kitchen. The design of the space can be tailored to fit the way you live, with seating, lush planting, screening, vibrant colours and easy maintenance. All our homes are as individual as we are and the garden is no exception.

You may have an existing garden which needs some careful attention to enhance it or a blank canvas on which to create a wealth of exciting ideas. Whatever you have, getting professional advice is the first step to improving your outdoor living space.